Thoughts on the UBC Freshman Reception

So Monday (yesterday), I attended the Freshman Reception at UBC. I’m definitely not going to say that it was a ‘waste of my time’…or anything like that. So no negative feedback, maybe just suggestions. The best part of the day was the fact that I got to explore a bit of the campus (with my friends), met new awesome people AT the reception, and most of the speakers at the reception were quite good speakers and very charismatic. It was a fun experience for the most part, although I wish they could have provided some more snacks, after all it did go from about 12-4 30. and that’s lunch time. I’m not saying that they should have served us lunch or anything, but definitely more than oranges that couldn’t be peeled, and kool-aid. 😛 I was STARVING!!!  I learned quite a bit about the Greek system, which I’m happy about because I had a SLIGHT interest in it. So now I feel like I’m pretty well educated about it. And the speakers were willing to stay behind for students to ask them questions. I think they should have a variety of workshops at the same time, so that people can go to the ones they feel are more applicable to them. I know that some people found that some of the talks we got were more directed toward Commerce/Business students. I liked the fact that they informed us of places to sleep (other than residence haha) , and places with good food, and all that good stuff. And maybe a little tour of some of the campus would have been nice as well…but I guess there are other events that give you tours….and plus you can sign up to get a campus tour. Another thing I wish we could have seen were the insides of our residences… 😦 ohh weelll.

So all in all, I’m happy I went and DON ‘ T  regret it, it really was a great experience overall. 🙂 



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