New BC Provincial Exam ‘Regulations’ 2011/2012

Soooo I ran across this article…it’s about the provincial exams BC students have to write.

So in short…there are no more ‘optional’ exams because BC universities don’t even look at them (unless they’re higher than your grade 12 class average). The government decided to do this because not very many students were getting scholarships, so the government’s ‘scholarship bank’ has unclaimed scholarship money. So now with this ‘new’ thing….scholarships are based on the MANDATORY exams, which is supposed to mean that more students are going to get the scholarships. The link below also explains which exams are MANDATORY. Grade 12 : English 12, Communications 12, French 12. [EDIT]: So there are actually really just 5 exams that you have to take between gr 10-12..and the scholarships are based on those :

SO HERE IS THE LINK TO CHECK OUT MORE ON THIS ARTICLE(‘cuz my explanation of it really sucks) 😛







4 thoughts on “New BC Provincial Exam ‘Regulations’ 2011/2012

  1. The article wasn’t clear enough… is it still based on the same rules? (like 86% average for 3 provs, but now it applies to ANY mandatory provincial exam from grades 10-12) :S

    I’m disappointed that they completely removed the optional provincial exams… sigh… things aren’t looking good for future incoming UBC students LOL… that admission GPA inflation is just going to get worse. At least more students will potentially get funding for school, I guess.


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