My UBC Booklist 2011

Sooo these are the books that I will be needing for my First Semester/Term at UBC.

Courses that I am taking this term: Biol 112, Chem 121, Math 100, and Engl 110.

And I will just be mentioning the REQUIRED books. And I’m listing the prices right off of the UBC Bookstore website.  

N= New Price

U= Used Price

R= Rental Price


BIOL 112 –

  • IclickerN: $41.3o ~ U: $31.00 ~ R: $18.90 …(remember iclickers can be used throughout your university education…so it may be a better choice for you to either buy a new one, or a used one, instead of renting it.)
  • PKG 6 PC CUSTOM BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE 2ND EDN VOL 1, 2 & 3 W/ MASTERINGBIOLOGY ACCESS CODE & SHORT GD TO WRITING  – N: $159.75 (this is the only price listed on the website) ..and make sure that you get the RIGHT edition…it’d be pretty helpful to do that. 😛

CHEM 121- 

  • Iclicker – (check above)
  • Chem 121/123 Lab Manual – this must be bought NEW : $35.20 
  • Custom Chemistry 121 Integrated Resources Pkg (Chirp) – N: $50.65 (so this one is a custom edition…and I wouldn’t be able to tell you whether you can buy this one off of older students or not….after all, I am just a first year 😛 )
MATH 100- 

  • Pkg 2 Pc Calculus Early Transcendentals 7/E W/ Solutions Manual Single Variable – N: $150.35 (So yeah…this one is the 7th edition, in case you didn’t catch that.)
  • OPTIONAL: Study Guide for Calculus Single Variable Early Transcendentals 7/E – N: $72.50 R: $32.65 (I know I said I wouldn’t put up the optional stuff…but this MIGHT be somewhat helpful? Maaaybe.. )

ENGL 110 – (this one varies depending on who your instructor is, mine is CHAPMAN)

  • Cloud Atlas – N: $24.95
  • Tracks – N: $17.99 ~ U: $13.50
  • Sturdy Oak – N: $21.20
  • Dracula – N: $16.40
  • Turn of the Screw & In the Cage: N: $ 7.95
  • Crisp – N: $17.95 

7 thoughts on “My UBC Booklist 2011

      • The lab is actually optional to attend… you can do the assignments from home. You only need to attend the first lab to get login information, and learn how to use the MathSheet program 😛 I didn’t like the assignments though, but at least I didn’t have an extra textbook cost to worry about ;d

        Normally I’d say yes, but if profs assign questions out of the textbook for homework practice, there’s a chance the numbers don’t match up with the newer editions. I haven’t asked anyone who took MATH 100 on how profs administer homework assignments, though… you probably need to ask someone who has taken the course 😦

    • ahh well.. i’ll survive.
      question about physics/chem labs…labs are every second week….so in the week we don’t have a lab….do we have a tutorial???? and is it mandatory??? so no day off…? 😛

      • That only applies to PHYS 101 labs 😦 Hardly anyone likes them. You will all hate it. LOL
        For CHEM, you have alternating wet/dry lab weeks, so you only really attend class every 2 weeks, and in-between that, you prepare for the next lab, and finish up the last.


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