RandomRamblings: Shopping Excites Me! + UBC Blogs


Just the thought of shopping excites me…..is that bad? I have never been overly excited to go linen shopping…well the only thing that excites me about it is the colourful stuff. BUT I am excited this time, to go shopping for linen for…my bed in residence. I’ve even picked out a theme of colours…I sound super cool. I think I’m going early this week to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I wish I had some gift card for that place…I could seriously go crazy.

Another thing….Bath & Body Works… I absolutely ADORE that place…the hand sanitizers there (5 for $5) are amazing. They just smell FANTASTIC, and I am just in love with them. Everything in that store smells amazing!! Omigooodnesss. Seriously, once I’m at UBC, I am definitely going to Bath & Body Works (there are none very close to mee 😦 ).

Clothes shopping…I still have some little bits of shopping left to do. Gotta make sure I stay warm and don’t catch PNEUMONIA while I’m at UBC…. 8am classes, morning breeze from the water. UGH. I probably make it sound worse than it is…YUP YUP.

Room accessories ! This I need to talk over with my roommate, because we both decided, some things we really don’t need two of..so we’re going to be planning all that stuff REAL soon.


So I visited the UBC blog page..and it made me think about having another blog….I’m so indecisive about this…maybe have one strictly about UBC/everyday life at UBC (which would be on the ubc blog thing) …and then keep this one for just other random stuff…. maybe I should just look into the UBC one a tad bit more… bleeh. 😛


UHM. 14 days until move in. :O


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