UBC move in….15 days..

Time is tickin’ on and on… night time…the time of day when I do the most ‘deep’ thinking….

15 DAYS UNTIL MOVE IN...say what, say WHAT?! Yeah. You heard me.

I don’t know how I feel about it yet…I mean I’m TOTALLY STOKED…..but at the same time…I feel like I’m going to feel like a lost puppy….and I feel kinda nervous/sad…to just start a ‘whole new journey’. I am going to start writing the new chapter of my life… bye bye high school. heelloooo university ! But I guess it’s one of those things you just have to get used to with time. And if  I try to make it a good experience, it most likely WILL be. OBVIOUSLY I’m not gonna go into it with a negative attitude or anything..HEEEEEEEECCCCKKK NOO! I haven’t stayed away from home for more than a week, so that wil be hard at first…sometimes it’s just hard to let go of something that you’re just so used to…letting go of the environment that you grew up in and whatnot…but surely I will get over that with the help of my ‘new friends’. See..now I feel all excited again. All the happy things make me feel excited (well no duh). I’m pretty excited to go to the Annual Freshman Reception..I think that will definitely JACK UP THE SPIRIT IN MEEE!!



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