RandomRamblings- UBC, Booklist, Blogs, Summer.


I am incredibly excited for AMS Firstweek + Annual Freshman Reception. I just want to meet new people in REAL LIFE. Enough with Facebook…I’ve just been ‘Not Now’-ing my friend requests(from UBC students) now…and even deleted some of the people that I HAD accepted in the past..(SORRY!). The more people I have…the more that might end up actually recognizing me…and then I’d have no idea who those people are. And people knowing me, without me knowing them…hehe……CREEPS ME OUT. I’m fairly certain that firstweek is definitely going to be an experience and a half. I would probably need a GPS in order to figure out WHERE my classes are…. uuughh… but knowing me…the GPS would probably screw me over and make me take some long route. End up going in a circle around the building my class is in, without me even knowing. Yes, that definitely freaks me out, the whole ‘getting lost’ on campus thing.. I DO NOT wanna be the one that shows up last in a class that has been going on for about 20 minutes…NO MATTER the size of the class.


OH! And also, all of my books in my booklist were released the other day….they are actually released on the SSC…. cuz on the bookstore website, all my books ‘aren’t there'(but that’s cuz some courses have the same books for all the sections)…so to make sure I went on the SSC to check. And my total for my books comes to about $540 (if I was to buy all brand new stuff) …most likely for Math and Chem (if they’re the same as last year…need to look into that) …I will be buying them from a friend. But Biology and English and the Lab manual…I will most likely be buying the brand new stuff. I like brand new books…they smell nice. 😀


Starting in September….I’m sticking to one colour per month for my posts. So all of September’s posts would be in one colour, October’s in another colour, etc. I wonder how frequently I’ll be able to post once university starts….hmmmm…not like it takes that long, but I’m sure I’ll probably end up skipping some days, unless my life just all of a sudden becomes super interesting and less busy. Ha. I even considered actually starting a separate blog just for UBC stuff….buuuuuuut that’s probably too much of a hassle, best to stick everything in one blog for now. Besides, it’s not like that many people even look at it. So yeah. One blog for now. And as for blog theme…it’s so fun and colourful…but busy at the same time…very ‘bright’…I’ll probably end up changing it again once late Fall comes around….I’ll change the theme based on my mood. Haha.


Yo! Summer, where you goin’ ? These are the last few ‘wrap up’ weeks of the holidays…siigh. And once summertime is over…LOOKING FORWARD TO CHRISTMAS! and WINTER. I sure hope it snows more than usual this winter…as long as it stays clear when it’s time for me to go home after exams. 🙂 I love Christmastime …. such a high spirited season. LOOVESS IT!


5 thoughts on “RandomRamblings- UBC, Booklist, Blogs, Summer.

  1. LOL don’t worry about getting lost… at least buildings at UBC have distinct names to them, so at least it’s easier to remember where everything is. Unlike where I’m going. Like, how can you differentiate an SW6 and SW3 building… seriously…. -_-;;

    lol all lab manuals have to be bought new anyway ;D Your textbook cost is also probably wrong, because my friend noticed the PHYS package costs $96. That is a typo!!! Because it’s actually $196 LOL 😦 But if it really is $96, then what a deal….

    • Oh thank you UBC for having DISTINCT names. 😛 Yeah, I wouldn’t know about Physics cuz I’m not taking it this term… guess I’ll find out in december.. 😛
      Do you know anything about CHIRP?? whether it’s the same as last year or not ???

    • there was one thing that i was curious about price wise…. CHIRP..the price says $50.65 ….is it really actually only that much??? is there a ‘1’ missing in front of the ‘5’ ? haha 😛

      • It should be right, I think it was like 60 something for me… I have no idea why it’s cheaper for students this year. 😦 Why is it even called a package?! It’s basically a flimsy book with coil binding lolol.


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