Totem? Vanier? DEAL WITH IT.

Oh my goodness, people are posting LIKE MAD about room transfers and all that. I feel like the list of transfers keeps growing and growing. Loads of the older students are posting about how people should just be happy with what they have and that no matter where they are, it’ll be equally as fun. And people that want Totem because it has always been the one with the ‘rowdy’ rep… it really honestly depends who is all in totem… you never know, all the party people could actually be in Vanier…or even equally spread out (which is PRETTY likely). And the people that got the new dorms…most of them are disappointed that they’re in the ‘middle of nowhere’ …and that it takes so long to get anywhere they need to be. But to the people that DID NOT get the new dorms…they treat them like some sacred place. People have gotten to the point where they’re willing to give up their first child for a new dorm (obviously we hope they’re kidding haha). But really, sometimes ‘old is gold’. 😉 And when you think about it, how much time are you going to be spending in your dorm? The walls are pretty thin, so if you’re planning on studying in your room…you’re going to get pretty distracted (OFF TO THE LIBRARY YOU GO!) AND I can’t get over how much I am loving and appreciating the enthusiasm and optimism and positive attitudes of the older students. Plus the RAs all seem INCREDIBLY SUPER! And I cannot WAIT to get started with my REZ LIFE!


2 thoughts on “Totem? Vanier? DEAL WITH IT.


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