YES!! ALAS! Today was ‘the day’ ….all the first year students can relax and now move on with their lives…except for the ones that are frantically trying to find out who their roommates are/want to desperately switch rooms/houses. People who are extremely desperate to ‘get rid of’ their roommate and are posting on facebook sounding extremely desperate….YA’LL need to keep it together and sound less desperate…like seriously…can you not be a tad bit considerate to whoever your roommate is? Just ‘cuz you don’t know them doesn’t mean that you can treat them like that….posting more than like 5 times about how desperate you are for a single room… geeez…There are definitely other ways to go about that circumstance without seeming offensive and rude.

Some people are even disappointed that they got the BRAND NEW totem dorms, mainly because their classes are nowhere near totem. I’m quite(extremely) happy with my residence…VANIER WOOT WOOT. And it’s a coed house. πŸ™‚ … It’s close to all my classes, and near the beach. Unlike totem which is almost surrounded by trees (don’t plan on living in a forest πŸ˜‰ ) I’m definitely thinking of visiting those totem dorms though…I just want to see them in person…and I’ve got my connections with people, so it’s all good! I can’t believe that move in day is just 18 days away…I can barely take it all in! After getting my room assignment it’s like WOW. SO CRAZY. And my RA seems pretty cool..judging from Facebook (great source, I know.). But yeah, it’s just all so exciting!!! πŸ˜€


6 thoughts on “UBC RESIDENCES 2011 RELEASED!!!

  1. Congrats on Vanier! Vanier rocks!!! I assume you got Korea or Tec, lucky girl! One of the best houses for 1st years to live in. Man, all you 1st year getting your residence assignments makes me want to be a 1st year again 😦

      • OH! I completely forgot that SL was a co-ed house… It was so far away from where I lived (Mawdsley house) so I didn’t really know much about it, haha! All I know is that the house has a light, creepy green glow to it from the lighting and from the angles from the sunlight hits the trees. At least you have the tennis courts close by! πŸ˜€

  2. Hey, Totem’s cool. >:[ At least the residents are in tune with nature with them trees. And are more fit than the Vanier kids, because they have to walk an extra distance LOL

    • RESPECT. πŸ˜› vanier’s got the beach…..that’s nature… and the engineering kids in vanier will be fit too hahaha…and the ones that live on the higher floors…that want to take the stairs? πŸ˜› honestly, there’s quite a bit of annoying room switching things going on…with people being ‘extremely desperate to get rid of their roommates’ πŸ˜›


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