Time to Make a ‘To Do List’

Summer has just gone by soo fast, I make it sound like summer is done…but it’s actually not.. I still have 20 days left until move in. Lots to do in 20 days.


  • Upload grad pictures onto Facebook…? (I’ve been meaning to do this since mid June…maybe I’ll just wait until..who knows when? :P). NOT GONNA EVER HAPPEN. 😛
  • Put my grad photos in an album…I have an album, and I have about 100+ pictures printed out ready to go (since mid June).
  • Get more stuff for my dorm room…ONCE I FIND OUT IF I’M IN A SINGLE OR A SHARED. (maybe once this task is accomplished, I’ll post something about what I’m going to put in my dorm room/what I have for my dorm…)
  • Start making up my list of things to bring to university!!
  • Apply for my UBCcard… ‘cuz I don’t want to wait til September.
  • Take a picture FOR my UBCcard ^
  • Pay off my fines at the public library…they’ve been carried over for QUITE some time…I think it’s time to just get rid of them.
  • Buy jeans. (not that I don’t own any..it’s just I need more…I can’t live without jeans).
  • Organize all my Calculus 12 stuff into one binder, to take to university.
  • Reorganize/get rid of unwanted things on my bookshelf.
  • Call a UBC advisor to figure out something about my ‘potential’ major.
  • Round up all my Starbucks cards..pretty sure I have a total of $30-$40 just from those cards..

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