Some people just get on my nerves…

I really don’t want to come across as a super complain-y/whine-y person…I’M NOT!!! But some of these posts makes me seem like I’m that type of person..sigh. OH WELL.. I’m just getting my thoughts across. Yes I like to let things out to the internet world instead of bottling it up inside… Don’t judge me. 😛

I really am not a fan of ‘cocky’ and conceited people…especially the ones that are all talk and no action, if you know what I mean. You know, the ones that say something is really stupid, but they haven’t actually done the thing themselves…or ones that say something is WAAAY too easy for them, and make it seem like they’re just too good to do it(COCKY.)…but they actually haven’t even done the task. Yeah, I think you get the gist of it. Like sometimes when it gets to a certain extent, it’s just considered as immature and even judgmental– THAT is when it gets to me, it’s like can you just shut up for like two seconds? please? Like if you’re not even willing to TRY really shouldn’t be dissing it, or downgrading it, in any form or manner. Yeah…super pet peeve. 😛 

2 thoughts on “Some people just get on my nerves…

  1. I apologize for commenting on almost all of your posts lately, but I know exactly how you feel. Judgmental people are so bothersome, I’ve learned just to ignore them and let them think what they want because it’s a waste of time trying to deal with them.

    Don’t worry, I let things out on the internet too. I’m sure we (as in bloggers) all do at some time. (:


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