Facebook Humiliation…errr..?

I’ve come across this quite a few times..girls causing drama over Facebook. Thankfully I have never been a victim of this, or carried it out. Public humiliation…really isn’t classy. It’s quite rude and unnecessary. Like seriously…why do people feel the need to post something on a social networking site in order to humiliate someone? Everybody screws up..but you don’t have to post it on Facebook!  Some people feel that posting such stuff about other people ‘decreases’ the drama? UHM heelllooo.. NO! Even if the person doesn’t feel bad about what they did…it just shouldn’t be posted up on Facebook…that’s just WRONG. The whole Facebook world doesn’t need to know that ‘so and so’ did such a horrible thing. Drama shouldn’t be fed, it should be AVOIDED... Get some class people..


2 thoughts on “Facebook Humiliation…errr..?

  1. Yeah, I always feel embarrassed for the people who post overly personal things on Facebook. I think five or ten years from now they’ll look back and realize what a mistake that was. Like they say, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it…


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