Thunder + Construction + UBC residence

Apparently a pretty severe thunderstorm ripped through a ‘region’ that’s a few hours away from where I am. They had heavy rain, thunder, and lightning. Enough lightning to spark wildfires, but thankfully those are all contained. The storm was last night, I’m pretty sure my city is getting some effects of that storm, it’s been pretty dreary here for the past two days, and right now. I want a thunderstorm, I’ve always LOVED them since I was a little kid…but I wouldn’t want any severe damages to occur from it though! Although I wouldn’t mind losing power for a little while…(sometimes power outages can be fun….if they’re in the evening or something..) But it’s supposed to go back to full sun and warmer temperatures by tomorrow, so it’s all good.

There’s been crazy construction off of my street for the past week or so…I don’t even understand what the heck they’re even building.. I can hear Maroon 5 blasting from the construction workers’ radio. Speaking of Maroon 5…can I say, Adam Levine is B-E-A-UTIFUL. I don’t think I even realized it to the full extent until I saw a few episodes of ‘The Voice’. But yeah, it’s so noisy here from all the drilling and whatever else they’re doing.

UBC.…..move in day is in 23 days…crazy stuff. Absolutely crazy. The new Totem Houses..which I can now actually PRONOUNCE PROPERLY : həm’ləsəm’ (hum-le-some) and q’ələχən (cul-le-hon). And these two houses together will accommodate about 566 students, and they are all single rooms! We still haven’t received our housing assignments yet…mid-august…grr… I don’t think I can wait any longer! I need to buy stuff for my dorm room…and it’d be nice to know whether I have a single or a shared room..[EDIT]: Housing assignments will be released on August 15th (APPARENTLY)



4 thoughts on “Thunder + Construction + UBC residence

    • beeee jeaalouuuusss !!! at least the older ones are more pronounceable ? 😛 and yeah I heard that that’s true about getting a single room. I don’t know if you’d have any idea about it..but what are the chances of getting the roommate you requested??

      • I had a friend who managed to get paired with her requested roommate in a double last year, so it’s not impossible to get paired correctly… I think UBC housing does their best to pair requested roommates together, but sometimes it doesn’t work that way. :S It’s not necessarily a bad thing though… at least you get to meet your first new friend at UBC right off the bat?


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