I think I know way too many people that have gone to UBC/are currently IN UBC(2nd year +) …I know first years as well, but they’re all in the same boat as me, so they aren’t of much offense fellow first years. 🙂 So the ‘bad’ thing about knowing people that have gone to UBC is the fact that most of them say pretty much the same thing..’It’s not easy, and you have to work hard.’ But of course there are lots of good things about having those connections as well!

…At first I was pretty intimidated about it…as said in one of my previous posts, but now when I think about it…I can’t start university preparing myself for failure…I need to go with a POSITIVE attitude…and go thinking that I can do my best, and that I WILL do my best. It’ll definitely be tough at first, especially with having all that ‘independence’, ‘cuz in high school, teachers actually care if you fail a course..and at UBC(university in general) you’re practically on your own to do what you want, without having anyone to hold your hand and tell you to study and do your work. I really don’t want to ‘give up’ at all…and giving up isn’t an option, I know that I can surround myself with people that are motivated to do well, and it’ll just automatically rub off on me and help me. Obviously university life has to be balanced socially and academically, and finding that balance may be tough at first, but I’m certain I’ll find the right balance.

The main thing(I think) is to accept the fact that we’ll all make mistakes, and we’ll get marks that we despise against…and to come out as a ‘winner’ we have to just figure out what we can do to do better. After all, we learn from our mistakes. Dwelling on the past doesn’t work out in our favour for the most part…so press forward. 🙂

AND AS A SIDE  NOTE: since everyone has been wondering when the booklist comes out…it comes out on August 13th.

My strange obsession with the colour pink.

Lately, I have noticed that I have an odd attraction to the colour pink. I have NEVER liked the colour pink. Well, okay, I’ve never HATED it..but I wasn’t fond of it, it was always an ‘okay’ colour, but I always preferred blue over pink. And lately everything I reach for seems to be pink. Like in the past few weeks I’ve bought a few pink shirts, a pink skirt, a pink watch, pink nail polish, a pink purse, a pink wallet, and some other pink things. And today I was looking at what I was wearing….everything was pink, except for my jean capris…but I was looking at myself in the mirror and I was like “WOW. I’m wearing a lot of pink…and I don’t even LIKE pink.” Hopefully I get over my “pink phase”…’cuz like I said..I DON’T EVEN LIKE PINK!

So yeah I felt like putting it into words, and blogging about it was like therapy. 😛