summer after high school…

This weekend has been an absolute much fun that I haven’t had a chance to really blog. Whoops. Saturday night I got the chance to hang out with a bunch of people from my was loads of fun considering I haven’t seen some people for like three weeks…YES.THAT SEEMS LIKE A LONG TIME BECAUSE I’M NOT COMPLETELY USED TO NOT SEEING THEIR FACES EVERY SINGLE DAY…can’t wait til September starts…and I’m off to university…really need to get used to seeing new faces.

So every year around this time I just think I’m going back to high school or whatever..but this year I’m NOT. And the whole ‘feeling’ is a bit…weird. It’s just not what I’m used to. The longest I’ve been away from home was for about 6-7 days..and that was at summer camp about 5 years ago. Surprisingly I survived that. And now once I’m off to university, coming back home is going to be very limited…maybe one weekend a month…siigh.. I’m going to miss my bed…and my room…..and home in general.

But back to the topic of this post…the summer after high school definitely has seemed like a fast-paced, busy one. Usually there are days when I am absolutely bored and doing absolutely NOTHING…this summer, I don’t even UNDERSTAND what I’m busy with most of the time…but somehow the day seems to fly by, and I have not yet been BORED! The majority of my friends are working..which really sucks when it comes to getting a bunch of people together. Half of them aren’t even FANS of their jobs and want to quit. 😛 And the chance we get to have a get together, it’s so nice and amazing and just feels like old time! And it really makes me sad to think that next year we’re not all going to be back at the same school.. 😦 We’re all going in our separate paths….mais, c’est la vie. Yes, I am just breaking out with my French skills. And THIS is why they say ‘cherish your senior year’….and I can say that I was completely satisfied and content with mine. 🙂

I just love reminiscing on the old memories..and then sharing it on the internet with people I probably don’t even know. I am so cool. How cool? SO cool.