School Supplies!!!

Does anyone else get extremely excited about school supplies?! Like ever since I was a little kid I have always LOVED  school supply shopping…going school supply shopping was like living it up in paradise for me!! Most kids get excited about buying clothes for school, and getting a whole new school wardrobe and stuff, but for most of my school ‘career’ I went to a private school..which meant I had to wear a uniform. And let me tell you, wearing uniforms isn’t all that bad! There were definitely days where I wished I could just wear regular clothes, but I mean it’s less of a hassle knowing what you’re going to be wearing to school every day. Whenever we had ‘casual’ days, I’d spend SOOOO much time in the morning figuring out WHAT THE HECK I was going to wear to school that day.

And now I’m off to university in less than a month…WAIT.WHAAAT?! Yeah, that’s right LESS THAN A MONTH. Unbelievable. But I still love school supply shopping, it just makes me even more excited. Notebooks,pens,pencils and all that good stuff just gets me super excited. I have an obsession with FIVE STAR notebooks..they make my life, not even kidding. And I have an obsession with pens and pencils..I probably need some kind of therapy..but I doubt it’s harmful to me… 😉 I should probably get a job at Staples or something…I’d fit in perfectly..and PLUS I’d get discounts…BOOOO YEAH!! I’m convinced each year they come out with more and more cool school supplies…and if I were still in high school or something..I’d get those cool things…but now that I’m in university..most of that isn’t really necessary.. 😦

What I’ve Bought So Far:

Binders….I am just super used to binders that I just HAVE to have them..and they’re really good for organizing everything…keeps everything in ONE PLACE!

Duo-tangs/Folder things….I have one for each subject..just to keep handouts and stuff in… in case I don’t want to bring my whole binder to class..I’ll just bring a duotang + notebook/clipboard..and then transfer everything into my binder after class, once I’m in my room or something..

Clipboard… Mine is from FIVE STAR..and it’s a cloth/fabric-y clipboard…it has a zippered front pocket for pens and pencils…and it has a pocket inside and the clip inside..and it velcros shut. I thought it’d be useful to take notes class.. 😛

Notebooks….Pretty self explanatory I think…

Pens and Pencils…I like to eat them when I get bored in class…….KIDDING..that’s gross. But yes, once again, self explanatory.

Pencil Case…To keep all my pencils,pens,erasers, pencil sharpener, and whatever else in

Paper… Duhhh..

Post-its…They’re just so colourful…I HAD TO GET THEM!! Just to write tidbits of information on..and to put in my textbook..if there’s a certain page I should look get the gist of it..

Planner/Agenda….I never really USED my planner back when I was in high school…the school provided us with one..but I just always remembered what I had to do…pretty good memory haha. Back in elementary/middle school, we were FORCED to use our planners…and our parents had to sign it..and the teachers would check…such a pain. But now I am convinced that I really SHOULD use it..and I went out and bought myself a good planner..with lots of room to write things in. 🙂 And I WILL force myself to use it..