one month?!

woow. it’s been a month since I started blogging, craaazzy. And just 39 more days until I’m off to UNIVERSITY..CRAAZZYY STUFF!!! :O

What to share, what to share..hmm. So I graduated from a pretty small school, almost tiny..less than 50 grads in my class(I’m not going to say how many)..but just between 30-50 grads. And most of us have known each other for years and years..some have been together since kindergarten, others since early elementary, and yeah. Thankfully, our whole class started to get closer to everyone in the last two years of high school..especially in the last 4-5 months of grade 12, we were almost like family. You would think with a small class drama would be super avoidable, but YOU my friend are quite wrong. We had cliques til about the end of grade 11/beginning of grade 12…and I’m not going to lie, we DID have some little issues going on between some groups of people, but we all still cared about each other and accepted people for who they were. And now as I think back on the last few months of grade 12, I can say they were the best few months of my life (SO FAR) ..I’d love to relive some of it…but I guess that’s not exactly possible.

And now that it is summer…we all still try to get together as a group (9-20 of us) about once a week or so..but obviously everyone isn’t here at the same time, after all it IS summer. I’ve come to realize that as graduation passed..I’ve gotten SOOOO close with people that I never was very close with (I mean I thought I was pretty good with them, and I was, but now I’m so much ‘closer’ to them, and it is FANTASTIC) I always got along with pretty much every single person, and it was such a good year. But sometimes I wish, wow, it’s almost like it’s ‘too late’, cuz I won’t get to see them as often when I go to university in September. But nothing is ever ‘too late’. And my advice to all you juniors, soon to be seniors in high school, make the best out of your grad year (no matter your class size), it is going to be the best year of high school, and you don’t want to get to the point where grad has passed and you think you could have made the year  A LOT better, you don’t want any regrets. It’s your year to shine, and go into it with confidence. So make new friends(keep the old ones as well), the more the merrier, and get involved in as many things as you can and make the year one to remember! 🙂



Starbucks Coconut AMAZINGNESS!

If you like coconut..then you will ADORE these two drinks that Starbucks has to offer! For the chocolate lovers..try Mocha Coconut’s like heaven in your far the BEST Starbucks summer drink!!! But I’ll warn you..if you don’t like coconut..then you probably won’t be a fan of this drink..but you never know, you might actually enjoy it. Don’t be afraid to try something new! The Coconut Creme frapp on the other hand is COMPLETELY probably would hate it if you don’t like coconut. I think the mocha would be better for the coconut dislikers, but for coconut lovers..coconut creme ALL THE WAY!!!! You just HAVE to try it out for yourselves, if not…you’re definitely MISSING OUT BIG TIME! So run/jog/sprint/drive/walk/surf/longboard/rollerblade/crawl/pogo stick/ride your bike/hop on a plane/jump into a helicopter/jet pack your way to the closest Starbucks near you and…..


..Summer is a flyin’-a by..

I feel as if my summer is just FLYING by super fast! UBC = 41 days away. omg. CRAZY STUFF.

It’s kinda weird, school was ‘officially’ done (meaning my last exam) on june 29th..and it hasn’t even been a WHOLE month yet since I’ve been off. But it sure feels like MONTHS. I am super excited for UBC..yet nervous at the same time. I’m such a homebody, I love my house and my family..and hate leaving them…siigh. But I’ll still get to see them once I’m at UBC..which is AWESOME! 🙂 I just wish they’d assign rooms ALREADY. The Okanagan campus already got room assignments..SO NOT FAIR. The new Totem Park residence looks AHMAYZING..but I don’t believe they’ve named it’s for about 2500 students I believe.. My first choice is definitely Vanier…but if I get placed in Totem..I WANT TO BE IN THE NEW PLACE!! If you haven’t seen guys should definitely check it it or something. It shows the floorplan and the it’s pretty cool.

Random — I just had to share this on here, mostly for my benefit..’cuz I’m gonna laugh when I come back and read this. I guess it’s more funny if you were there and experienced it firsthand. So I was waiting in line at this smoothie place..and there was this ADORABLE little asian boy, he was probably like 5 years-old..and he was in front of me..and he was just jumping up and down like a mexican jumping bean! It was sooo  cute, and I just kinda stared at him, cuz he didn’t jump very high, plus he was quite little, and I had a few shopping bags in my hands, and eventually it got to the point where he started jumping higher..and then he hit his head on my arm..(he didn’t notice I was standing behind him) and the look on his face was PRICELESS!!!


Just something a little different…

First and foremost..I am not a ‘fan’ of Demi Lovato..I like two of her songs…Me Myself and Time(which came out last year) and her latest one.. Skyscraper. I am not out to hate on ‘Disney’ singers..they can do whatever they want..and they are all human just like you and me..and no one should get hated on, especially for their career. If people are out doing what they love to do, then so be it, let them live their life and do what they love. But this song Skyscraper, which was just recently released, just got to me. At first when I saw a bunch of girls posting facebook status’ with the lyrics from this song, I was like hmmm..a song by Demi…nah I don’t want to listen to it. But eventually I joined the bandwagon and listened to it…I REALLY DID NOT like it AT ALL. Then I listened to it again a few days later..and I actually LISTENED to the LYRICS..and I was like wow.

I feel like this song really has a strong message that applies to pretty much EVERYONE..nobody is perfect..everyone has gone through some sort of a situation where they felt like they weren’t worth something..or that everyone was just against them. Many kids get bullied and they get made fun of because of the way they look, a mistake they made, the things they wear, or just something stupid like that.

And really..who are we to judge? who are we to tell someone that they’re not worth it? who are we to say that someone is fat? or ugly? or skinny? or too smart? or too dumb? not athletic enough? not cool enough? not pretty enough? who has the right to judge us based on our sexual orientation, or our religion(or lack thereof)? who are we to look down on someone? why do we go out and tear apart someone for the ‘fun’ of it? are we afraid of who we really are, that we feel the need to bring someone down? do we have nothing better to do than make someone feel afraid of themselves? is it really our right to go about and make someone feel like they are worthless? are we hiding behind our own selves and making ourselves feel better? is it a way of masking the pain we feel? do we say these things because of fear?

NO ONE should have to put up with this…NOBODY DESERVES it; but sadly, it’s a part of life..and we all have to overcome it. And THAT is the prize..defeating the ‘enemy’..OVERCOMING it..being happy with yourself..knowing that you are better than what some people see you as. Don’t let yourself be downgraded. We are ALL special. We don’t have to necessarily ‘fight’ back physically..but we have to strengthen ourselves MENTALLY. We are fighters and survivors in this world that has more hate in it than there should be. Let the past remain in the past and look ahead for a brighter future. Don’t let past experiences hold you back from what there is to come in the future. 

One of my favourite parts of the song is this part:

‘You can take everything I have,
You can break everything I am,
Like I’m made of glass,
Like I’m made of paper.

Go on and try to tear me down.
I will be rising from the ground,
Like a skyscraper,
Like a skyscraper.’

People in our lives are going to say something about us that we won’t like..and we don’t have to put up with it. We can build up a strong foundation for ourselves..and if you are true to yourself and act like yourself..then you are already almost there…YOU will be RISING from the ground.. LIKE A SKYSCRAPER. NO ONE can knock you down. Stand strong and no one can break you..or tear you down. CONFIDENCE is your shield and armor. We are not made of glass or paper or anything weak. So go out and be yourself and just take the stand and RISE UP, and never, GIVE UP.

\\Future posts? + about this blog\\

So if anyone has any ideas for new posts..please feel free to request them. 🙂

At first I just wanted this blog to be for me and to kind of record my daily activities and such.  I never would have imagined getting over 500 views! I find that MIND BOGGLING. (I know some of you have thousands and thousands of hits…but some people go into blogging expecting other people to see it, which isn’t exactly how I went into it.) And then soon after I started my blog, I decided to do some posts about ubc…originally I had just meant to incorporate stuff about ubc as part of my daily blog posts…never did I think I’d make blog posts separately about ubc. So all in all this blog has become something I never really thought it’d become. And  I really hope you guys all enjoy this blog! 🙂 And I’ll continue to make it as interesting as possible.