UBC fears…

SO! I have established that reading blogs of UBC students has OFFICIALLY freaked me out. Especially those that just finished first year..it feels like they all pretty much say the same stuff. Midterms make you cry, and finals just suck…and study methods need to be changed. First and foremost, I do NOT test well(never really have I been good at them)…I am a horrible exam taker..and I really REEALLLYY need to fix that ASAP. HOW I’m going to fix that…I’m not sure yet..but I better get on it. Well, let me ‘rephrase’ that.. I can do unit tests and stuff…but when it comes to FINAL exams, the ones where you have to retain a bucketload of information..I suck at those. I always tend to doubt myself and change the answers, which end up as a negative point for me..usually I get them right the first time..then when I change it, I get it wrong…and that costs me quite a few percentage off of my overall mark.Β  So I really need to find a good study habit that works for me..so if ANYBODY has ANY suggestions..please inform me.

My past high school study method (well my main one)……..writing notes..and colour coding them..yeah that takes time…and you have to be efficient or else it doesn’t work..like for small tests..it works fine..but for finals, NOT SO MUCH. And when I take notes, I practically REWRITE THE TEXTBOOK(bad habit), ‘cuz I feel like 95% of the stuff is important..but clearly it’s not..I don’t plan on taking a whole semester to figure out what study method(s) work best for me..’cuz I don’t have that much time to waste away! And I know everyone says to expect your marks to drop 10-20% from your high school mark..YIKES!

All in all, I am just scared that I am going to fail miserably and not study the ‘right’ way…and helpful tips would be awesome..just something that’s not too time consuming but EFFICIENT. EFFICIENCY ISΒ  WHAT I AM ABOUT!


7 thoughts on “UBC fears…

  1. Oh the irony! I’m reading through your blog posts now, and you’re totally freaking ME out!! Hahaha! Good stuff though! Much appreciated ^_^

  2. I used to copy down almost every single word in textbooks when I take notes, just like you. But this summer, I learned that if you really want to succeed without wasting time to study useless material, your time should be focused on the Learning Objectives that profs may provide to you for the course. Some don’t give any (like MATH courses, some ENGL, I think maybe PHYS as well), but for the courses that do (BIOL especially), those objectives really help you to stay on track when studying πŸ˜€

    Using your time now to rummage up as many online practice exams as possible for your courses will also be very helpful. Starting readings now may be helpful as well, but ehhhh who has the motivation to do that in the summer?!

    • What would I do without you Carly…
      Surprisingly enough, I actually HAVE looked up some practice questions(I randomly get sparks of motivation when the excitement builds up)..just locating as many resources as I possibly can!!
      But sadly, I don’t think I can quite start reading anything yet…give it a few weeks πŸ˜› ……may I ask who your professors were for your classes last year??

    • ohhh awesome!! Phys 101 and Bio 121…i have the same profs as you did. and my friend was in . and regarding Bole….you didn’t by chance go on ratemyprof and comment did you… πŸ˜›
      Spiegelmans bio class last year…so you two were probably in the same class… ? πŸ˜› ratemyprof had some negative stuff about Spiegelman, but my friend said he was really good!

      • loool I don’t think I reviewed any of my profs on that website… the space they give you to rate them is just way too small for me. Dr Bole definitely gives learning objectives with his notes ;d Unfortunately I never learned to use them back then…

        Spiegelman was okay… but I wouldn’t specifically recommend him or anything. BIOL 112 needs to be taught by some REALLY engaging and good instructors, because the course covers a huge range of topics related to bacteria… and it was really overwhelming O__O;, especially for those with a poor Biology background. It’s actually a miracle I got a relatively high mark LOL, must be luck with all them multiple choice tests.


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