Provincial exam results?

BC Provincial Exams…definitely something every gr 10-12 student looks forward to..

Grade 10:English 10, Math 10, Science 10 (ALL ARE MANDATORY) ………..oddly enough, I was in a way EXCITED to do these exams back when I was in grade 10..and I actually did QUITE well on them! (English 10 was actually scaled though, DRAMATICALLY scaled, my mark went up about 10-11% ..some of the teachers in my school were provincial markers, so it was nice knowing before results came out what our ‘potential’ marks could be.)

Grade 11: Socials 11 (MANDATORY)….I honestly don’t know WHERE I would use the information I learned in Socials 11..)

Grade 12: English 12(MANDATORY..or Communications 12, depending on which one you’re taking) …The rest are optional..and I took Bio 12 and Math 12.

And ever since they made grade 12 provincials OPTIONAL..they started doing a scholarship for getting 3 A’s on your provincial exams…you would get $1000.

[UPDATE] : Based on some searches, some people had been searching HOW to check exam results: ..and then go to ‘Get Exam Results’…and remember you need to enter your PEN(Personal Education Number) as if you don’t know that..then you won’t be able to access your results. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. 🙂

Weelll…results have been out as of Monday, July 24th..

And in case you’re wondering how I did? Not as well as I COULD have done (now doesn’t everyone say that? but I truly mean it). But I mean I did decently. But we just didn’t have enough time to properly study for exams..but I realized during exam prep how I SHOULD have studied…and that cramming doesn’t necessarily work unless you’re really super genius-ly smart(that’s cool too).


MY ADVICE TO YOU: Don’t take provincials (other than Eng 12..obviously, ‘cuz you kinda HAVE to take it) …UNLESS you are absolutely sure that it will raise your mark and/or you are going for the scholarship. WHY? If you are a student going to a BC post-secondary institute, then it’s ‘okay’ if you manage to take the provincials and your mark drops..’cuz BC post-secondary schools don’t look at your provincial mark blended with your school final if it’s lower than your school final…AKA..they just look at the higher mark for admission purposes. BUT… pretty much every school outside of BC(all other Canadian provinces + international) looks at the provincial blended mark/provincial mark alone…so if your mark drops after taking the provincial..then you have the potential to be screwed over. So all in VERY CAREFUL in making your decisions about which exams to take. 🙂


And I will make a separate post some time before September..about study tips for final exams and such..and honestly, it’s best to start from the beginning of the year..but you will read that in my later keep that in mind ! 

Check out my post about Study Habits —> ‘Study!Study!Study!TIPS!’


YouTube favourites!

Have any of you guys heard a song, and then not give it very much care, and then listened to a cover of it (by some youtuber) and just fallen in love with the song? I have a couple of songs that I originally disliked…but then I heard some awesome people covering it on youtube, and I was like WHAA?!?! I LOVE THIS SONG!!

So I’m going to share some of my favourite ‘musical’ youtubers..this isn’t in any particular order(and if you guys go on youtube to listen to music and stuff, some of these will be PRETTY familiar to you). And the MAJORITY of these are mostly POP music.

Tyler Ward  –   –This is probably my FAVOURITE one, just because of the amazing variety and talent on his channel with so many talented singers making appearances. And Tyler himself is a SUPER down to earth guy and just AWESOME. He doesn’t let the ‘fame’ get to him, if you look back at his first videos, he is pretty much the same, just gets amazing-er each time. I found his channel about a year and a half ago and have loved him ever since!!! Listening to his covers makes me LOVE LOVE LOVE the song. So if you haven’t heard of sure to check his youtube out, ASAP. And since there are sooo many youtube singers on his channel, I won’t be giving individual shout outs to them, but you will find them on his page..and I love them all!

Alex Goot –  – He is another amazingly talented musician. He plays sooo many instruments and all his tracks are produced by himself. His videos are so interesting and full of TALENT! I discovered him through Tyler Ward’s channel, they did a cover of Firework by Katy Perry…definitely an awesome cover, you should check it out!

Tiffany Alvord – is soo cute! She has light, but strong vocals. Her voice is incredibly pure, and I love all the songs she covers. I found her about almost 3 years ago, around the time she first started, and she’s incredible and has improved soo much!

Luke Conard – I just recently found him through someone’s channel..and he has a very ‘different’ style of music..and he is in a band..and yeah, interesting music.

BoyceAvenue - band from the southern United States..great band. enough said.

Megan and Liz - – Twin teen sisters that have been singing and playing music for the past few years. Megan plays guitar, and Megan and Liz both sing. I have been watching their videos for just over a year, and now they’ve been getting more ‘famous’ and had great opportunities come up for them.

Variety of artists + Sam Tsui – GUY IS AMAZING AT MAKING VIDEOS!!! He is incredibly talented and so many youtube singers(including some of the ones I’ve listed) have had the chance to make music videos with this guy, and you HAVE to check them out!

Megan Nicole – is another person that I came across through Tyler Ward… ‘Love the Way You Lie’ cover by TylerWardMusic. She has such a sweet soft voice, and you’d just fall in love with it!