a little feeling of nostalgia..

So a couple weeks ago I was cleaning my room, it was honestly a huge mess! May and June were just super busy months for me, especially with grad approaching and stuff, and then mid june- the end of june I had final exams, so I was really focusing on those, and not so much my surroundings at home. My room and computer room looked like school had just puked all over it! It was SUCH a mess, binders, folders, notes(sooo many loose papers with notes!!),notebooks, old tests, and the whole bunch. Finally when mid july came, I cleaned up my room and this closet that I used to store some things. I was pretty much forced to clean up all that stuff by my mom, I’m much more of a procrastinator..but I DID have intentions of cleaning everything (obviously).

So as I was cleaning out stuff, I got rid of a bunch of clothes, just random ones that don’t fit me and stuff, and then my mom would be like ‘Oh, you could wear that sweater to university next year, ‘cuz it’s going to be cold!’ ..and I was like “WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! I’M GOING TO UNIVERSITY!!! :O “.. But that’s not it..it was pretty much the biggest clean out EVER! (for my room anyways) ..I even found old binders from grade 7 in my closet..and I was looking through them and I had a feeling of nostalgia come over me..Like back then, I didn’t even THINK I’d be going to UBC(I barely thought about my future, post secondary future.)..and I just remembered all the memories from back then. And then as I continued to clean..I found a whole stash of notes(so old-fashioned) my friends and I would pass back and forth, these were from about grade 8-9. I quite enjoyed reading them, and they definitely made me laugh, like WHO WAS I back in those days. 😛 I kept finding so many old things, old birthday cards from friends, old jewelry, old school stuff, old photos, and reality really hit me that I’m really moving on now, and those things are so in the past, and now I have a whole future ahead of me, and it’s just all SO CRAZY!! My innocent little kid days are all overr..honestly, that depresses me. Haha. Everything just brought back memories of the past and they were all good memories too!

So yes, I just had to share that on here. 🙂


status update overload

Hey all, if you feel the need to update your Facebook status every two minutes…please go get twitter..and do that on there instead of filling up my News Feed with around the clock updates about your life.

Anyone else have friends that do that? Usually it’s the younger people that do that..you know the 11/12/13 year-old girls that are extremely heartbroken about their ‘relationships’ that last about 3 WHOLE days(now THAT is something that should be addressed in another post for another day..so be waiting for that, cuz I have quite a bit to say). Or the younger teenage girls that have very minimal security/privacy settings and feel the need to tell the whole Facebook world that they are home alone and blasting music and singing at the top of their lungs..cuz that doesn’t attract the attention of the wrong crowd of people or anything.  Ohhh kids these days..When I was that young, I was extremely paranoid and made sure my privacy settings were SUPER HIGH..well actually, at that age I didn’t even HAVE Facebook…or any social networking site..all we had was email/msn(I made sure to never add anybody that I did not know..I knew my internet safety 😉 ) But still to this day I make sure my privacy settings are SUPER high. I make it sound like I’m some super old person, but I AM NOT! Just your ‘average’ 17 year old here.

Like is it necessary to update your status every few minutes and at the end of each one say ‘iloveyousomuchbabe xox’  …ON EVERY SINGLE ONE..you’d think we’d get the point after about 2 of those? But I mean, if it makes them happy…then whatever! Thankfully Facebook has the whole ‘Hide’ button so if it gets too much, you can just hide it. 🙂