Facebook + me two-three years ago..what a joke. :P

Hey.What’s up? 😛 Sooooo I got Facebook almost 4 years ago..around fall 2007, so I was in grade 9(freshman) at the time. Facebook was a lot different back then, but that’s not what I’m trying to get at. Most of you who have Facebook will know what I’m talking about. There’s an ‘app’ on Facebook called Notes, I think it’s just one that everyone has when they get Facebook…but I could be wrong, maybe you have to actually ‘install’ it or whatever. But anyways, it’s pretty much where you write whatever you want and post it, and then people can read it.

So when I was in about grade 10..I saw that a bunch of my friends had been doing questionnaire type of notes, they were just a bunch of random questions, and you’d answer to them ‘honestly’. There were seriously HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of these things. And the questions are so random..some start with ‘Will you be 100% honest when answering these questions?” ..and others included “What was the last song you listened to” …”Last beverage you had?” …”Last person you rode in a car with?“…”How’s your heart?” …and etc. Most of the time I answered sarcastically..but pretty honestly (that’s contradicting.). And I was bored, so I decided to pretty much creep my own Facebook..I know,  I am extremely cool. I was 15 when I wrote the majority of them, in some I was 16, but they all honestly make me laugh, and I don’t even regret making those notes, I can really tell I’ve changed. Back in grade 10 I had the biggest crush on this one guy for almost the whole year, and a lot of the responses on the questions of these notes totally reflected that. You know how you’re young, and then you like a guy, and then you don’t want it to seem obvious that you like him(but everyone knows that you like him), but then you want him to know that you like him without actually telling him? Yeah, I was like that. Teenage girls, we make a lot of sense(intense sarcasm)..I can understand why people think we’re confusing! Anyone else that cool? 😉


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