..Summer is a flyin’-a by..

I feel as if my summer is just FLYING by super fast! UBC = 41 days away. omg. CRAZY STUFF.

It’s kinda weird, school was ‘officially’ done (meaning my last exam) on june 29th..and it hasn’t even been a WHOLE month yet since I’ve been off. But it sure feels like MONTHS. I am super excited for UBC..yet nervous at the same time. I’m such a homebody, I love my house and my family..and hate leaving them…siigh. But I’ll still get to see them once I’m at UBC..which is AWESOME! 🙂 I just wish they’d assign rooms ALREADY. The Okanagan campus already got room assignments..SO NOT FAIR. The new Totem Park residence looks AHMAYZING..but I don’t believe they’ve named it yet..it’s for about 2500 students I believe.. My first choice is definitely Vanier…but if I get placed in Totem..I WANT TO BE IN THE NEW PLACE!! If you haven’t seen it..you guys should definitely check it out..google it or something. It shows the floorplan and the outside..so it’s pretty cool.

Random — I just had to share this on here, mostly for my benefit..’cuz I’m gonna laugh when I come back and read this. I guess it’s more funny if you were there and experienced it firsthand. So I was waiting in line at this smoothie place..and there was this ADORABLE little asian boy, he was probably like 5 years-old..and he was in front of me..and he was just jumping up and down like a mexican jumping bean! It was sooo  cute, and I just kinda stared at him, cuz he didn’t jump very high, plus he was quite little, and I had a few shopping bags in my hands, and eventually it got to the point where he started jumping higher..and then he hit his head on my arm..(he didn’t notice I was standing behind him) and the look on his face was PRICELESS!!!


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