facebook awkwardness ? :/

Apparently my posts either deal with UBC, mosquitoes, or facebook. And in this case..it’s both UBC AND facebook. Like whoa. I have skills right?

So how many of you have ‘friended’ someone on facebook without actually MEETING them in real life? Now don’t lie. I mean I believe that there must be some who haven’t done it before..I know I didn’t start doing it til like a few months ago. But in saying that it doesn’t mean that I’m not cautious. [DISCLAIMER]: PLEASE DO NOT GO ABOUT ADDING RANDOM PEOPLE JUST ‘CUZ I DID, PLEASE BE CAREFUL. And the first person I added that I didn’t really ‘know’, I felt like I knew them because my best friend talked non-stop about her haha (but we did actually meet in real life soon after). But now that I’m off to UBC I have befriended some people that I actually haven’t met in real life..BUT I will meet them at UBC. That’s the only reason that I have added them, because I will eventually actually meet them. And if I don’t meet them within the first month, then most likely I’ll probably delete them..sorry. 😛 And it’s not like I’ve added like 20 people or anything like that, just about 5 or 6…and I made sure that I actually TALKED to them online.

But I was thinking…what’s it going to be like when I actually DO meet them in real life…wouldn’t it be kind of awkward…like say if we didn’t recognize each other..or if they recognized me, but I didn’t recognize THEM(or vice versa). People DO look different in pictures than they do in real life, you know. Photos are just 2D…where as in real life we’re all 3D. I tend to think that people look better in 3D haha.

So yeah, that is my story, enjoy.


6 thoughts on “facebook awkwardness ? :/

  1. Sorry to be out of the loop, but what is UBC? o_o

    And the reason you mentioned about how awkward it would be to meet them in real life is exactly why I don’t add people I don’t know on Facebook. I’ve added a couple of people I haven’t met in real life, but those people I’ve talked to extensively online and I know that I can trust them. Still, as long as they’re not complete strangers (like as long as your friends know them in real life) I guess it’s okay to add them.

  2. I nearly did that when I first entered UBC. I met someone on one of those “Class of …” pages and was so excited because we had a bunch of classes together. She was pretty different online than in person though!

    • yeahh i can see that happening….people are usually more fun to talk to online….but then again that’s not true in ALL cases. Guys are usually the same online and in real life… BUT you have just ‘inspired’ me for a blog post topic with your comment..and it should be up sooooon(how soon, i can’t say exactly..but soon) haha. 🙂


    I am actually anti-Facebook, but almost everything and everyone nowadays use it, so I have to have one lying around… and occasionally deactivate it for the hell of it lolol

    • hahaha! yay. i’m not alone! yeah, I most certainly FAIL at deactivating my facebook..whenever I do it’s for like a few hours..my max has been 5 days(it felt good) 😛 but I’m going to just stick around with having facebook and not deactivating it. And most definitely EVERYONE and their mother and their mother’s cat have facebook nowadays. And they keep changing it fifty bajillion times..ugghhh. All in all, it’s definitely annoying sometimes.. but it’s something you just have to cope with.


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