oops..? :)

Oh look at my amazingness at blogging ! Be jealous of my ‘slack-ness’. But yes, I have been busy again..and I will be quite busy for the next week or so..but I will try my best to blog whenever I can..(if I have anything intriguing to say).And I have some exciting news to share with ya’ll..but I will say that in like a week or whatever..so stay tuned for that.

I’m not gonna lie these mosquitoes are really getting to me. It’s like they bite you..then you look…and they’re gone…and then you feel something biting you somewhere else..and then you look..and ONCE AGAIN IT’S GONE!! soo annoying. I got bit on my hand in like 4 different places in the span of about 5 minutes…and then my mom killed the mosquito.  And that is all I’m saying about mosquitoes..for the time being.

Oh and as for weather..my goodness it sure doesn’t feel like summer around here. It’s been raining for the past like 3 days..it was raining like CRAZY yesterday..it was practically hailing!! and it’s MID JULY PEOPLE! WHERE’S THE SUN!? the more water…the more mosquitoes. Oh shoot.  I said I’d stop talking about mosquitoes..my bad! Rainy days aren’t very motivating..what’s your opinion on them ? On Monday I watched so much TV that it was probably bad for me..like I don’t even like watching TV a lot. But I did watch Pretty Little Liars the other day..and Degrassi….I like Degrassi…it’s actually kinda entertaining, not to mention the ‘male’ actors..I mean they’re cuuuuuu-ooool. 😉 haha, I’m hilarious. I know. Watching TV in the daytime really makes me think of when I was a little kid…all the cartoons and stuff..but most of the good cartoons from when I was a kid have been replaced with lame cartoons…I really feel bad for the kids of today.

Ooohhh has anyone watched America’s Got Talent lately? Great show, great show. I love all the ‘dangerous’ acts..they really actually make me flinch..and think OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS ARE INSANE!! but they’re just SOOO entertaining! But I was actually sad to see some of the acts leave..like the Fearless Flores Family!!

But anyways, that is all I have to say for now..and remember to stay tuned for what I have to say later on.. 😉


2 thoughts on “oops..? :)

  1. Funny how I was reading your post here and a mosquito just handed on my laptop screen. Of course, I proceeded to run all the way upstairs to get the mosquito zapper and back down to fry it. Much more satisfying 😉

    • ahh, I’m sorry..the mosquito must have known that I had posted this..and it’s all my fault that it landed on your laptop screen..they can smell the scent of my sweet blood even through a screen..siigh. haha! and YES!!! it is SOOO satisfying zapping the mosquito with a zapper! you feel so accomplished after hearing that ZAP. 😉 fried mosquitoes anyone?


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