// hello..??


Wow, I feel like I haven’t really blogged about anything ‘intriguing’ in a few days! The past few days have been pretty good, I can’t say I’ve been INCREDIBLY  ‘busy’..but I definitely wasn’t BORED..but I mean I was doing stuff. STOP. Stop rambling already..gosh.

So just to clarify: I’m not going to give away my identity on here..just for certain reasons which should be understandable. And don’t even bother trying to GUESS who I am..and even if you did ‘guess’..no matter right or wrong, I wouldn’t give in and tell you..so THEREFORE DO NOT GUESS. This is a place for me to be myself..not that I’m not myself in real life..duh. But yeah, I doubt I’ll reveal who I am any time soon. So for all you know I’m just a ‘going to be’ first year student at UBC..and there are THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of them.

Lately I’ve been able to get in contact with a bunch of UBC students..WEEEOOOO!!! Including ones that are going to be in my classes next year!!..cuz I really don’t know anyone ‘personally’ that is in any of my classes next year.. And it’s been so much fun getting to know them, and I can’t wait to meet them in person, ‘cuz that’s how cool they are. And as each approaching day..APPROACHES? I’m getting more and more excited for UBC..but at the same time nervous of course! I mean I’m getting put into a sea of people that I DO NOT KNOW!! But it will be fun..lots and lots of fun. I really wonder when the booklists for the courses are coming out..if anyone has an idea..give me a shout.

And yeah, I can see now that you’re thinking my life is super duper exciting..but I promise you it is quite exciting..and as said above..for reasons, I’m not going to blog about EVERY SINGLE LITTLE DETAIL of my day/life.



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