Liife. + a pre-UBC ‘journey’ rant..

I feel like the past few posts have all been about UBC..well actually they HAVE been about UBC..but in this post i’m going to cut back the UBC part..and just BLOG! 😛 but a small bit of UBC will be talked about. Okay…maybe a decent portion of UBC will be talked about…so this whole post won’t be totally dedicated to UBC.

So it’s summer vacation…the summer after high school..the one everyone talks’s here. How is it? Busy..that is FOR SURE. I feel like all my friends are working…I think only about 10 or so of my friends are actually going to some sort of a university…and then 2 or 3 are doing trades..and the rest are going into the workforce/job hunting. …OH.It’s quite hot out too…i hate it when it gets too hot at night and then you can’t sleep…and then once you’ve turned the fan on…it gets too cold halfway through the night. 😛 ANYWHOOO sleep is not what this post is about.

So let me backtrack a little bit. June..was a hectic month…it was fun, irritating at times, filled with excitement, anticipation, stress…and almost every other emotion you could think of. There were grad ceremonies, exams, and all that sweet jazz. Exams pretty much took up the last two weeks of June…pretty stressful. IT WAS HORRID. Everyone was soo excited about grad that once grad was over…and exams started..everyone was DRAINED!

Now backtracking to April. This was the month that I found out that I was accepted into UBC. It was the most amazing thing ever !! I was ecstatic!! I honestly hadn’t even thought that I would get accepted that fast. I believe I got accepted about 3 days after I self-reported my grades…which is QUITE FAST. If you had asked me back in October, whether I was considering UBC..I probably would have laughed at that thought.  I always thought there would be no way that I could get into UBC…it just seemed so prestigious and competitive.. and don’t get me wrong…I’m not STUPID. I do pretty well academically..but I didn’t think well enough for getting into UBC. Clearly, I believe that there is a reason that I got into UBC and I am super thankful about it, and can’t wait to meet so many new people from so many different places !

So I feel that once September comes’s an opportunity for a change in lifestyle. The last five years or so, I’ve been going to school with pretty much the same people..and now I’m off to UBC…and I know a COUPLE people..but it’s not like I’ll be running into them often…other than my best friend of course. I love my friends from high school, I think they are the most amazing bunch of people ever…and I hate how I won’t be seeing them EVERY day…but definitely when I go home to visit!  But at the same time..I feel like I need this ‘change’..and I need to meet new people and experience more things. UBC is practically a student ENVIRONMENT…and that’s different than what I’ve experienced before (which would be high big deal). So yeah I’m nervous but excited at the same time for this change in environment! And I’d like to think that there are many of you out there that feel the same way! Sometimes all people want is ‘change’…to start somewhere start show people that you’ve never seen/known…WHO YOU REALLY ARE. I mean I could just about show up at UBC and start talking in a British accent (all the British people would probably freak out at me cuz they’d notice it was FAKE) but other than that…people wouldn’t know. Just so ya’ll know..i AM NOT gonna speak in a British accent haha. So yeah..I believe that everyone should take this opportunity to start fresh and make the best out of it. CHEERS TO A NEW BEGINNING! 🙂

ahh. so there was a good portion of ‘UBC’ involved in that. gosh darnit. i honestly CAN speak about UBC SOOOOO MUCH!!




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