one day later? course registration.

So if you’ve read my previous blog post…you’d know that my registration was yesterday for my courses.  And it was pretty stressful and frustrating…but afterwards…i was able to kinda tweak up my schedule(because people were switching out of courses, leaving seats available!)…and now i’m a lot more ‘content’ with it. AAANNDD I no longer have 8 am courses in second term..WIN! I’m SUPER happy about that. And i wanna say, good luck to you folk who have registration on july 7th…might wanna make a few extra worklists…the courses are filling up SOOOO fast !! It’s crazy!!!

I’m super excited about meeting all the amazing first year students at ubc…it’s gonna be a super overwhelming start, that’s for sure…but we’re all in it together (for the most part anyway) 😛 . There’s such a diverse population, it’s definitely going to be interesting with so many people, and once again, a super awesome EXPERIENCE! 🙂

I don’t know very many people in my courses…but i’ll be sure to make some friends…i’d like to consider myself as someone that’s easy going and approachable.. 😛 haha. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE meeting new people ! And i don’t know about you guys…but i’m excited to spend time in the library…that probably sounds super nerd-y..but i dunno..i think it adds to the whole ‘university experience’ haha 😛 But then again i can’t really stay quiet for very that might end up being a problem..I’LL WORK ON IT.



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