Ohmygoodness. Course registration has been SOOOOO stressful and frustrating. All that anticipation and stuff building up inside. wooowwwweeee.

So like 3 or so minutes before my registration time…someone jacked up the bio course i wanted !! IT WAS THE MOST DEPRESSING THING EVER!!! i almost cried a little (jokes..almost though 😛 )But in saying that…that pretty much meant i had to re make a whole new worklist cuz that one bio course messed it all up !!!! and now i have to take 1.5 hours of math in the morning on tuesdays and thursdays… 8-9 30 ….DEPRESSING. i CAN BARELY GET UP THAT EARLY!!!! uuugh.

and in second term i have math 8-9 mon,wed,fri. Second term is almost a mess and a half.

But fortunately i got all the classes i wanted/needed…just not at the times i wanted 😦 which really sucks, cuz i had planned on going from 9-3 (with breaks in between) and now its just messed up..and mon,wed,fri i go til 4….but i only start at 11 (which is alright:) ) <—-FIRST TERM

oohh well, guess i’m going to have to get used to that. 😛


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