course registration = tomorrow !!!

Aaahh!!! Course registration is TOMORROW!!! 😀 i cannot BELIEVE it! I still find it hard to believe that i’m going to ubc! It’s such a privilege to go to such an amazing institution !

Well i went to visit UBC today….it was a lot of fun…campus was pretty empty except for a couple random groups of people here and there..but then again..its summer….plus it’s a that pretty much explains it all ! 😛 I just can’t get over how amazing of a campus it is! And the breeze from the water is amazing…yet it CAN get quite cold ! So remember to pack some hoodies when you come to ubc !!! haha ! i’d say this is a pretty pointless blog post…didn’t really have much to say…and i DID say that i wouldn’t post boring rambles such as this one..bleh. oh weeelll..

But hey…course registration that’s something to get excited about..soooo YEAH! 😛 I’d love to know what courses you guys are planning on taking !! 🙂 Remember, feel free to leave a comment about ANYTHING, cuz i WILL get back to you ! 🙂

And i’m super surprised as to how many ‘hits’ i’m getting !! almost at 200(no idea HOW i even have that many..even though it isn’t even THAT much), and i’ve only been blogging for like barely a week or somethin? 😛 so yeah, thanks! 🙂


2 thoughts on “course registration = tomorrow !!!

  1. Your blog is one of the top ones under the UBC tag. You’ve probably got people googling UBC registration and finding your blog! Keep updating! Hope you got all the courses you wanted 🙂

    • ahh thank you! and YES!! I GOT ALL THE COURSES I WANTED! 😀 and I totally did NOT know it was one of the top ones haha. I’m still new at this so I’m not COMPLETELY sure as to how everything all works! But there was one day where the views had totally PEAKED and I was like HOW ON EARTH AM I GETTING SO MANY VIEWS?! haha. 🙂


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