course registration = tomorrow !!!

Aaahh!!! Course registration is TOMORROW!!! 😀 i cannot BELIEVE it! I still find it hard to believe that i’m going to ubc! It’s such a privilege to go to such an amazing institution !

Well i went to visit UBC today….it was a lot of fun…campus was pretty empty except for a couple random groups of people here and there..but then again..its summer….plus it’s a that pretty much explains it all ! 😛 I just can’t get over how amazing of a campus it is! And the breeze from the water is amazing…yet it CAN get quite cold ! So remember to pack some hoodies when you come to ubc !!! haha ! i’d say this is a pretty pointless blog post…didn’t really have much to say…and i DID say that i wouldn’t post boring rambles such as this one..bleh. oh weeelll..

But hey…course registration that’s something to get excited about..soooo YEAH! 😛 I’d love to know what courses you guys are planning on taking !! 🙂 Remember, feel free to leave a comment about ANYTHING, cuz i WILL get back to you ! 🙂

And i’m super surprised as to how many ‘hits’ i’m getting !! almost at 200(no idea HOW i even have that many..even though it isn’t even THAT much), and i’ve only been blogging for like barely a week or somethin? 😛 so yeah, thanks! 🙂