THE ‘UBC’ post-

Yes, here is that post i promised i would post..entirely dedicated to the topic of ‘ubc’ . πŸ˜› Yeaah, that’s right, i keep my promises. πŸ˜‰

So some of this might sound a bit repetitive if you have read my other posts..but for those of you who haven’t read my other posts, this will be brand new stuff ! πŸ˜›

Let’s get started. Soo I’m a student entering first year into the Bachelor of Science program, i’m pretty excited about it. Registration for first year students is from July 4-7 starting at around 7 15 am on July 4th( 7 15 is what i heard from one of the ubc staff people that work with registration and stuff…so sorry if i’m wrong about that, ‘cuz it’s just what i was told.) Registration time is based on GPA, so the higher your GPA, the earlier you get your registration time/date. My registration time is at 3 pm on July 4th, so in many ways i consider myself lucky to still be on the first day! πŸ˜€ I have two-three worklists made in order for registration, but mainly two, i don’t really care much about the third one. I really hope that my first worklist will go through for registration and that the courses i want won’t fill up TOO fast!

COURSES THAT I’M PLANNING ON TAKING(based on my first choice worklist, my second choice worklist has physics in first term):

First Term: Biology 112, English 110, Chemistry 121, Math 100.

Second Term: Biology 121, English 112, Chemistry 123, Math 103, and Physics 101

And it’s actually not a full course load, i ‘only’ have 29 credits…and a full one would be 30 i believe. But this is good enough for me. When making a worklist, always keep in mind what you might be interested to major in, you only pick majors at the end of second year..but still it’s good to always have a goal in mind. But you don’t have to set your goal in stone just obviously have time, but remember to keep your options open, and to keep as many doors open as you can! Like i’m not ENTIRELY sure what i want to major in, but i have a strong idea of what i’d like to major in. I’ve completely eliminated a Physics/Math major, and a Chemistry major(for the time being)…i really don’t want to take like 5 or so chem courses in second year!!!(which is what you need to do in order to get a chem major)

And first term in university (well the whole year in general) is when you get a real feel for university courses. You can graduate from high school, being really interested in Biology 12 and Chemistry 12…and then you think that you really want to be a doctor and get into med school…but then when you get a taste of university biology and chemistry, you might change your mind. So in saying that, just allow your university experience to open more doors for you. And i also want only four courses in my first term because i don’t want to be overwhelmed with the course load right from the start ! But if you feel non-overwhelmed with taking five courses per term, then go ahead ! Each to his own.

Oh dear.. i could blab on about UBC all day long! But i’m gonna have to cut it short for now..i’ll be sure to post another post about ubc,before my registration…or maybe after my registration…or even both! So stick around for that ! πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “THE ‘UBC’ post-

    • sorry, I fail at returning to comments apparently. forgive me, I’m still new to this whole blogging thing. Eng 110… mon,wed, 1-2 (term 1) …and then in term 2 eng 112 …m,w,f 10-11. how about you?


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