flying vampires?!?!?!

TWO THINGS I DISLIKE ABOUT THE SUMMER SEASON: spiders..and mosquitoes (just creepy crawly bugs in general) 

see, i don’t  mind bugs if they’re not ON me..or anywhere NEAR me. 🙂

but mosquitoes…are the flying vampires i’m referring to..i just CANNOT stand them. they’re like attracted to me, they don’t care about anyone else in the room, JUST ME!!!!! i’ll end up with about 15 bites, and everyone else gets away with 0-2 bites…uughhh.


and to make it even worse…in the wee hours of the morning.. a mosquito was trying to eat me while I was trying to get some sleep !!! >.< most annoying thing everr !!  i do NOT appreciate mosquitoes buzzing in my ear while i’m trying to get some sleep!! And then when you try to cover yourself with a blanket..and you accidentally trap the mosquito in the blanket, what a BRILLIANT move..siigh. I got bitten about 4 times in the span of uhhh 15 minutes. 


so yes, that is my rant about mosquitoes. and now my dog is snoring away on the couch..i think he’s having a dream or something…i can see his eyes rolling around in their sockets (that sounds kinda gross…but yeah 😛 ) how cute. 😀



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