Haii haii haaaiiii !

Sooo I’m pretty new to this whole blogging thinger.. I’ve always wanted to blog, but never really DID it..and now here I am..in all my blogging glory ! So I’m starting at UBC in I dunno… hmm…69 days?! OMG. šŸ˜› yeahh.

SUMMER 2011…is gonna be one to remember.

BUUT. Unfortunately…SUMMER 2011…has not ‘officially’ started for me. I mean I’ve technically already GRADUATED… but actually, SUMMER 2011 and I are just 1 exam away from each other…siigh.. provincials…how lovely. BIOLOGY 12 PROVINCIAL HERE I COME. all my studying better be wooorth it. or else. or else what? I’m not entirely sure…buuuuuuttttt…..I’m gonna ACE IT. POSITIVE WORDS.POSITIVE WORDS. POSITIVE WORDS ONLY. šŸ™‚



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